Our passion for events – it’s what gets us up in the morning!

In the summer when we are delivering marquees, the saying “win the morning, win the day!” definitely holds true. Early starts to get ahead of the game, keeps everyone’s spirits up and take some pressure off the Bride, Groom or event organiser, knowing we are all over it early in the week.

During the rest of the year it’s the variety of structures and events we quote for and get involved in and not knowing what the next phone call, meeting or enquiry will bring.

From a new bride and groom enquiring about their wedding in different parts of the UK, a new or recurring customer discussing future requirements, to Temporary Training Facilities for the European Rugby Champions, to doing a festival in Paris…there is such variety in Events.

It’s all built on positive celebratory energy which is fantastic. It’s also taking a blank canvas – a field, garden, car park, country Manor or whatever – and building a tangible structure to truly ‘wow’ guests.

During dismantle and breakdown there is also the satisfaction of feeding off the emotions of the guests who have had a great time. Knowing that we have played a small, but not insignificant, part in the biggest days of people’s lives. Delivering under that kind of pressure does leave a nice warm buzz inside.