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Many businesses are setting a world-class example of how companies can be successful without the planet having to suffer.

In the next few years we are sure to see some of the biggest environmental milestones so far.

Inspired Structures has been a subscriber with Carbon Neutral Britain for 20 months to help the planet go greener.

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I was intrigued to find out what projects our monthly donations where helping and how they have helped make an impact on Climate Change.

I touched based with Sophie in customer services, and she filled me in on what’s been happening.

One project that donations have been helping is the reforestation in Kenya.

Approximately 90% of Kenya’s forests have been cleared by logging, charcoal production, and illegal settlements. This has a huge impact on the communities that live there.

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Kenya is known for its diverse wildlife and range of forests but in recent years these ecosystems have been severely impacted. 

Carbon Neutral Britain project partners have been working hard planting new trees in the Kijabe Forest.

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Our donations have gone towards over 600 of these newly planted trees in the Kijabe Forest. 

The planting rate is continuing to grow, as the team works hard to protect Kenya’s forest system.

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Carbon Neutral Britain’s project partners are now the largest reforestation group in Kenya and they are making significant progress towards achieving the goals set out by the Kenyan government to increase the forest cover and support the communities that depend on these forests for their livelihoods.

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We are really happy to be part of this environmental action and support such a fantastic project.

In total 50 million trees have been produced, planted, and protected, which shows every little bit helps towards improving our ecosystem. 

Anyone can be a climate hero!


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